7 Benefits of Brain Puzzle Solving for all Generations:


  • Enhanced memory
  • Accelerated ingenuity
  • Supporting the entire thought process
  • Fun
  • Meditation
  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Problem solving
“The wooden brain-bending puzzles are a great product for all who like puzzles and mind challenges. Even if you can’t figure out how to get each individual puzzle together, it comes with instructions, though I recommend using the instructions as a last resort. I also have one game on my desk at work and my coworkers love stopping by and trying to put it together.” J.P. 

For Whom are the Mind Games for?

Kids: through solving brain puzzles the kids develop their physical, cognitive and emotional skills. The kids just love our wooden mind games.

Adults: It is fun to see a colleague losing his mind while trying to solve the hardest mind games. But it is even nicer to see his satisfaction and pride when he assembles it 😊

Business partners: finally, a smart gift for my business partner which he will never forget.

Elderly: through solving mind games we enhance the memory and support the entire thought process.

What kind of mind games do we have?

In our store you can choose among more than 70 different wooden mind games. The puzzles are divided into five different difficulty levels and are therefore suitable for all generations.
For the youngest the challenge is to assemble an elephant, a plane or a ship, while for those who like hard brain puzzles anaconda is the greatest challenge. Of course, there are many other games in between in all sorts of shapes. There are also some wooden board games for two or more players.
You will surely find a game that will fulfill your desires and wishes.

More about our games?

All our mind games are made from a natural material – wood. The games are painted with natural nontoxic colors and have a CE certificate. The games are manufactured by Thai company Dilemma Games Ltd.

Visit us, try them out, ask questions, and choose something that is just right for you or write us info@muzejiluzij.si for a quotation customized for your wishes. The shop is open every day from 9 AM till 10PM.